Since 1985

Integrated Smart Parking Solutions

Solutions that generate revenues

Our solutions are comprehensive and versatile. In addition to cash, our equipment is compatible with any EMV payment method thanks to its end to end encryption technology. Our solution accepts any bank card - debit and credit -, contactless payment and smartphone e-wallet NFC payments - Applepay, Android, etc.

Efficient access management -state-of-the-art solutions for access management

Our equipment is compatible with the latest license plate recognition technologies (LPR). Our terminals integrate a proximity reader (RFID) and a 1D/2D reader, thus diversifying the way to access parking lots.

Parking in a cloud-based mode

ParkNet offers a complete range of cloud-based software to parking managers. By reducing the heavy and expensive data-processing infrastructures, ParkNet improves the efficiency of its equipment.

Thanks to its open architecture, the ParkNet system can easily accommodate most of the existing IT systems the clients might have. It can also integrate the software functions of multiple partners.

The Software Solution- ParkNet offers, amongst others:

Since 1985

Our range of products

Entry Terminal

Exit Terminal

Entry/Exit Mini-Terminal

Pay Station

Bank Card Only Pay Station

Cashier Station

Multiservices Terminal

Payment and pricing management

Our solution enables payment for parking spaces whether it is gated, non-gated or on street parking. Parking managers now benefit from advanced tools such as dynamic pricing payment management and analytics.

Interactions with the user

The terminal offers many ways of communicating with the user such as advertising and information through a twitter based platform.

Versatility of the services

In addition to offering parking spaces management, the Multiservices Terminal can be integrated to a transport electrification strategy thanks to its recharge module for electric vehicles.

Open platform

The terminal was designed from standard components which make it an evolutionary product. Our cloud-based software conception makes our solutions highly compatible with third party technologies.

Ready for the future

The ParkNet solution is highly advanced. With its large touchscreen, the Multiservices Terminal offers apps meeting the increasing challenges of urban mobility. Also, its cloud-based design makes ParkNet accesibles directly on smartphones.

Robust and easily to maintain solutions

The ParkNet technology is robust. It is based on certified standard components proven by years of use in the field. Its cloud-based platform allows the software to be remotely updated.

Where does ParkNet come from?

Mechanical design and construction of our equipment

The entire design is done at our headquarters

Design and development of our software solution

Assembly of our equipment

The assembly of all our equipment is done at our factory in Quebec City.

Testing of equipment and software applications

of our parts come from Canada
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Our software is developed in Canada

of our equipment is assembled in our factory
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All our equipment is factory tested before being shipped. We have beta sites where all our new equipment and software features are tested before being launched.

Delivery of equipment to our clients

A parking with the power of ParkNet