Since 1985

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ParkNet provides flexible payment solutions favoring the increase in revenues from parking lots

Our solutions are comprehensive and versatile. No matter the configuration of a parking lot, our equipment will meet the expectations of the most rigorous managers.

In addition to cash, our equipment is compatible with any end-to-end (E2EE) encryption EMV payment method. Highly reliable, this technology makes it impossible to defraud.

Our solution accepts any bank card - debit and credit -, contactless payment and smartphone e-wallet NFC payments - Applepay, Android, etc. By accepting debit cards, substantial savings can be made by lowering bank transaction fees.


for the following sectors


Compatible with building access management systems.

Access to the parking lot with license plate recognition technologies (LPR).


Secure end-to-end encrypted transactions (E2EE).

Dynamic display of available spaces.


Compatible with the payment gateway of educational institutions.

Dynamic pricing depending on the schedules and traffic.


Centralized management platform for property managers.

Possibility to manage subscribers in multiple distinct groups.


Payment offered at the entrance and exit to facilitate movement.

Purchasing tickets for special events directly at the parking terminals.

Since 1985

Integrated Smart Parking Solutions

ParkNet offers efficient and safe non-gated parking lot management solutions

Our non-gated parking lot management solutions allow us to offer the best for your parking lot. Our robust and state-of-the-art equipment accepts payments by money and by bank cards.

With ParkNet, parking lots become a point of service. Thanks to the multiservice terminal, it is possible for parking lot managers to connect their clients with surrounding businesses, urban mobility services and even offer publicity.


for the following sectors

On the street

Allows to inform users about the surrounding businesses.

Allows to pay for a public transport ticket directly at the terminal.


Dynamic display of important information.

Interoperability between the multiservice terminals and the pay stations.


Dynamic pricing depending on the schedule and traffic.

Allows to display the campus map.


Transforms into a point of sale for other activities offered.

Allows to display the park map.

Since 1985

Integrated electric recharge solutions

ParkNet offers intelligent solutions for electric vehicle charging

ParkNet offers electric vehicle charging solutions that meet to the needs of building managers. Electromobility is becoming more and more important and we believe that it is primordial to manage the power demand generated by the EV charging. Thus, ParkNet contributes at decreasing the ecological footprint of EV charging by connecting the terminal to a power management system, making the electromobility even greener.


for the following sector


Allows to pay the parking and the recharge fees in a single transaction


BACnet native configuration to communicate with the power management systems.

A parking with the power of ParkNet